Sizing Guidelines for Ordering a Bridesmaid's Dress

Please refer to the correct company’s size chart to determine your dress size. Please note that all bridesmaids dresses are made in standard sizes and NOT made to an individual's measurements. Please be sure to use our size charts carefully. Most women will find that their measurements do not fit the company’s size and length exactly, so to achieve a perfect fit some alterations should be expected.


What you'll need in order to determine your dress size:

Your bust measurement: the fullest part of your bust line (across the middle) with only the bra on that you intend to wear with your bridesmaid dress. (please note that your bra size is not the same as your bust measurement).

Your waist measurement: the narrowest part of your waist, also known as your “natural” waist (this measurement should not be taken around your belly button- the natural waist typically sits a couple of inches above your belly button).

Your hip measurement: the fullest part of your hips including the biggest part of your rear end, (approximately 8" to 10" below your waist depending on your height).

Please make sure that the measuring tape is wrapped around your body nice and snug, not so tight that you are uncomfortable, just nice and snug so that you will get an accurate reading.

Our advice: If you do opt for getting yourself measured by a professional, it may be a good idea to re-check those measurements yourself by following our instructions here.


Dress lengths

Please note that full-length bridesmaids dresses are cut for someone who is approximately 5’9” with heels on.  Extra length may be added for an additional $20 (please note that the extra length is always added in a standard amount so the length will not be custom made for your height); please specify if extra length is desired by checking the appropriate box on your order form.


How to use the size chart

Bridesmaids dresses are not custom made and often run about a size or two smaller than regular clothes, so it is typical for a bridesmaid to order a size or two larger than she normally wears.  In order to select your size, please compare your measurements to the measurements on the company’s size chart (BE SURE TO VIEW THE CORRECT COMPANY'S SIZE CHART AS SIZES AND MEASUREMENTS VARY FROM ONE COMPANY TO ANOTHER).  If your 3 measurements do not match up exactly to one of the dress sizes, we suggest that you consider ordering your dress using the largest of your 3 measurements. Just remember, it is always easier to take a dress in rather than to let it out. If you should need to have your dress let out, please note that most of these bridesmaids dresses are constructed with a seam allowance of only ½” so if you are measuring larger than a dress size by more than ½”, it may be impossible to let the dress out enough to fit.

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